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Forex Peace Army Are so called scam review site’s where Dmitri slams competitors sites in order to promote his own sites, you will notice the only sites listed in top positions on Forexbastards are sites he is affiliated with, Dmitri in my opinion is the biggest scam artist in Forex and has a lot of enemies…
He is using our and other company names on his marketing site without written permission so now the time has come for this to be stopped… He is in our opinion a scam artist, simply Google Dmitri Chavkerov or Felix Homogratus to see how well disliked he is…


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Forum Forex Peace Army - is a scam project. This anonymous project often blacks every company. 


" The Forex Peace Army are plain and simple blackmail artists. They encourage only the worst and damningly detrimental reviews as part of their assault on unsuspecting and truly good FX companies. Essentially they run a blacklisting campaign against successful or reputable brokers. Forex Peace Army (FPA) at purposefully publishes slanderous information on their site and throughout the internet. Subsequent to this they then offer to stop the attack only if money is paid to them"



We checked statistics visitors to this forum and 80% is primary school and the majority of users are from India and Russia, very possible that they are paying for writing bad comments are added every day new cases of scam. Added is about 10 000 scam alerts, most services are on their website scam, only their own services and those who are paying for the ads are good ... 

Most of the comments added by people aged 16 years and not real traders!


Each service forex means as spam, but your services with good reviews.


Please be careful with advertising that are available on forexpeacearmy because they attribute their services who do not have name company, contact and missing other important information, you can not know the true owner of the site.


Forex Peace Army




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ForexPeaceArmy - Scam 

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