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"SCAMMERS stay away. 

This is a fake review website designed to promote only their own services and their partners who pay them. The reviews are meaningless and completely false and misleading. They post negative reviews on their competitors and only post good reviews on companies they promote"      

"Defaming the good works
This company has very bad values they are only defaming and sharing completely wrong information about the companies I had a personal experience with some of the companies who are actually providing me best services but the reviews showes something else.I will never suggest anyone to check tue reviews in this website"   

More information about scam forex peace army:
"YES. FOREX PEACE ARMY IS SCAM and I have too MY personal story.
I bought two EA on (is a total scam )
I Purchased the Forex Cyborg and I lost €599.99, the EA is a fraud! I would not recommend service
It 100% scam. is a total scam and i never got my money back. I wrote about on FPA. BUT FPA blocked me and my bad review about
I started an investigation. FPA This is a commercial structure that receives % of all EA sales + % of all EA sales gets too - site which is owned by the main FPA DOG - JARORA (country of residence - Czech Republic)
There is no real profile. JARORA, on FPA (Jarora Representative)
be the main accuser of all EA on fraud. In addition to people who pay 30% - 50% of each sale on his site. I wrote to FPA, I sent a personal message to Jarora's profile, to the support team. I wrote that I was deceived, and did not receive my money back. But no one, no one gave me an answer on attraction for more than 2 months.THIS SCAMMMMMM"

More and more...


"The only person that you can find any info on is the Dmitri Chavkerov – Forex Peace Army CEO is a as involved a a fake green card scam in Florida. They are tort legitimate businesses for money. I have an email from them extorting a company last year for 70k. They are acting like they are on the dark web all of them are anonymous very shady outfit. You are right to be concerned. I am speaking with google about there shady operations at the moment. If anyone would like see the extortion email I can show and also if anyone has problems please notify google as they need shutting down!"


New service the same scammers

Forex Peace Army Reviews


Promoting new services:
Forex92 Reviews, website

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