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The information collected from different websites Are so called scam review site’s where Dmitri slams competitors sites in order to promote his own sites, you will notice the only sites listed in top positions on Forexbastards are sites he is affiliated with, Dmitri in my opinion is the biggest scam artist in Forex and has a lot of enemies…
He is using our and other company names on his marketing site without written permission so now the time has come for this to be stopped… He is in our opinion a scam artist, simply Google Dmitri Chavkerov or Felix Homogratus to see how well disliked he is…

New Warning For Traders

After mounting pressure on Dmitri Chavkerov and Rob Grespinet of of which is just one site in a long string of failed Forex sites by these two Bozo’s, they have closed KFS down for good and moved on to a new site at where they want you to give them at least $35,000 just to be apart of this new scheme and since they received so much criticism over doctoring the performance reports on KFS they now say “Our performance is private information and will only be shared with qualified clients”…. Be Careful

And Here’s a BIG ONE…!

Another one of their new sites went up started again by Dmitri Chavkerov and Claude Grespinet, here we see the same old tired recycled photo of Rob smoking a cigarette and tired old bragging about Rob’s supposed 750,000 euros Credit Suisse salary and with additional garbage about Dmitri Chavkerov’s again supposed successful life but of course they again fail to add information on their sites about the long list of failed services and sites that have been closed down. So what’s the catch with this one? before reading any further please make sure you have pre-emptied your bowls, for this one they want you to give them control of $10,000,000 yes that’s Ten Million US Dollars! – and they want you to send it to an offshore account.

A word of caution if you are a U.S. Citizen DON'T EVER send any money to an offshore bank account and give someone else control over your funds, there are plenty of legitimate Money Manager’s in the U.S. who are federally regulated.



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Best Answer:  TOTAL SCAM ! I LOST MONEY WITH THIS GUY, he just got busted for online fraud by the FBI and other federal agency its in his nature to defraud and pretend to be what he is not. he was found in a tiny apartment....

Source(s):the arresting agent [William James Cunningham ] Documentation of the current case can be found at:

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Please be careful with services advertised on Forex Peace Army, especially those with no address in Contact tab, terms and conditions, company name etc. Most of those services belongs to the  FORUM FOREX PEACE ARMY. If the name of the company is provided, please chceck if the company actually exists.  We highly advise the maximum caution. We do not advise to use forum forex peace army services.



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