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Forex Peace Army, do you remember the date 2008-01-08, when there was the last update in Forex Signals section, where you were promoting your signals from (the same website that cheated clients are complaining about). Just in case it is difficult for you to memorize I am attaching a screen shot from 2008.


You have added your own service which was the best across all services on ( Later on a lot of clients have been cheated and you can find info about that on yahoo as well as on other places. On the website the only information that has been kept is "Formerly known as and best reviews. 


From what I can see administrator and pharaon + 2 other users are actually one person with different nick names. You are artists of scam. Have a look at the photo from 2008 and the current one from 2016.


Please also do not forget about that has cheated a lot of clients, info about that is available.


Just have a look at information on this website and you will understand what forex peace army owner did to his clients. You will not find this kind of information on their forum.

In 10 years people will remember how you cheated on them.


Now your business model is based on advertising or destroying companies that do not want to pay for it.


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                                             FOREX PEACE ARMY SCAM




Please be careful with services advertised on Forex Peace Army, especially those with no address in Contact tab, terms and conditions, company name etc. Most of those services belongs to the  FORUM FOREX PEACE ARMY. If the name of the company is provided, please chceck if the company actually exists. We highly advise the maximum caution. We do not advise to use forum forex peace army services.



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